What we do


Urban Angel is an innovative arts organisation using the arts as a tool for increasing social inclusion and community cohesion.

We use performance at the core of our projects and fuse this with a variety of other art forms such as animation, film, music, dance etc. We are dedicated to developing exciting arts projects which combine cutting edge, contemporary arts and media technology with traditional art forms. Urban Angel projects have strong and social merits whilst at the same time realising a high artistic standard.


We are committed to experimentation, analysis and testing of theatre forms combining film, dramatic action, dialogue, music and stylised movement to produce exhilarating multi-art form performances. We push the boundaries of what is thought to be achievable by being inquiring, imaginative and bold, embracing innovation and working collaboratively across art forms and theatrical language.


Urban Angel believes in the innovative and creative potential of young people, that they are the active creators to today and tomorrow.

We believe that theatre for young people should not be pigeonholed as ‘youth theatre, a poor relation to ‘real’ theatre and dominated by issue based themes. It should be at the cutting edge of contemporary performance and recognised as a driver for change.

We believe that young people are not just the “potential audience of tomorrow” as the are often described, but that they are in fact a sophisticated audience now. (Myer, 2003)


Our education program aims to provide marginalised young people from diverse communities with a sense of belonging in the wider social fabric of life.

We work with young adults aged 15-25 to develop and produce mixed media performance work whilst helping them gain transferable skills such as team working, communication, problem solving etc., thereby increasing their employability.

Hands on work towards a final performance is interspersed with short intensively focused training sessions tailored to the individual needs of the young people and delivered by professional artists. Participants on Urban Angel projects are encouraged to achieve the Young People’s Arts Award.