Customer Care

At Urban Angel we want to make sure that we are providing a service that meets your needs.

Our compliments, comments and complaints system was launched on 1st May 2010.  Let us know if we are doing well or how we could do things better.

We are committed to providing excellent services. The best way to do that is to learn from you and your experiences.  We want you to be satisfied with the service we give you.

  • A compliment is when someone tells us they are satisfied or pleased with, or grateful for, the quality of service we have provided.
  • A comment is an idea for making any change to any part of our service.
  • A complaint is when someone tells us they are not satisfied about either the quality of service they have received, something that our staff, contracted training provider or freelancer have not done or that we have not replied to a previous complaint.
How do I make a compliment, comment or complaint?

The easiest way to make a compliment, comment or complaint is to use our online compliment, comment or complaint form. Alternatively, you can phone us, email us or write to us, visit our contact page to find out how.

Why do we want you to tell us about our services?

What you say about our services gives us valuable feedback on whether we are doing things well and what we might have to do to improve them. For more details, download our Compliments, Comments and Complaints procedure.