Monthly Archives: December 2000

Mish Mash

r-mish-mash1 ‘Mish Mash’, a compilation of six short films, was created by urbanangel working with a group of eight young people from the NG7 area of Nottingham. The young people wrote, produced, and starred in the films. They took responsibility for everything, from set design to scripts. Filming took place in Radford and the centre of Nottingham.

The films under the general title of ‘Mish Mash’, were shown at the Broadway cinema on 14th December 2000. The soundtrack was made by Calum Boyd and Marcus Guiste, and the title track was released on white label.

The eight young people involved filmed, produced and edited the entire project in 15 days.

Following the initial screening of ‘Mish Mash’ we were invited to the NG7 celebration where we provided workshops for the residents of the area. In addition urbanangel and the young people who made the film were presented with a special award for their achievement from The Learning Legacy.