Monthly Archives: August 2000

We Painted Burning Pigs

r-we-painted1 During one of our twelve-week projects we planned a residential in the Lake District. Shortly before we went the Foot and Mouth crisis started, so when we arrived in the town of Kendal we found ourselves right in the middle of the epidemic. We decided to investigate Foot and Mouth and how it affected young people living in the area.

We visited schools in the surrounding area, talking to the kids, most of them from farming families, and learned how badly the community was suffering. This came as a real shock to us. Living in the city it is hard to realise how serious these things are, seeing it all on TV is one thing, but standing next to a field full of sheep that have been dead for a week is quite another.

r-we-painted2 After talking to the residents of Kendal the young people created poetry from their thoughts and opinions and devised a performance entitled:

We Painted Burning Pigs

This was performed outside the Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal and within the grounds of Wollaton Park, Nottingham.