Monthly Archives: April 2000

Mash Up

Mash Up is a dirty slab of ‘real life’ in the year 2000. It was about the streets – life in the gutter and behind locked doors

We worked with a new team of young people, but were joined by a couple of ‘star players’ from the previous project who returned as peer mentors for the rest of the group. The concept of ‘exploitation’ was the springboard for the action, which quickly came to focus on the world of illicit drugs where no-one can remain untouched – dealers, users, even non-users; all are changed by their experiences, and not usually for the better.

One of the young people was a keen rapper who not only took the lead role in the play, but also found time to write and record two tracks that were produced at a professional sound studio with professional sound engineers. These tracks were performed throughout the piece, providing an exciting and immediate commentary on the action – the story of a young rap artist whose life is gradually destroyed by his decision to become a drug courier for a seedy nightclub owner. The drama stemmed from the fact that even though he had tried to remain neutral – not taking drugs himself, or profiting from their sale – his life is still destroyed when the dealers ‘heavies’ catch up with him.