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The Malthusian Paradox

Urban Angel is currently working in partnership with artist Adam Sporne and the Mixed Reality Lab to produce The Malthusian Paradox ARG, an interactive transmedia narrative you can experience online and in real life. The main narrative is also supported by series of short films that will give you clues and move the story along. You become part of the story. It’s like being right inside a thriller where you are one of the characters.

The Malthusium Paradox is completely free to play and starts with a live event “Whose Holy Grail? – A lecture by Dr Solomon Baxter”  taking place this October.

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TMP Poster


Urban Angel is currently working closely with artist Adam Sporne on a new interactive transmedia performance concept named ‘Covernomics‘.

Using a combination of pervasive gaming, augmented reality, social media and interventionist performance art, Covernomics creates a new form of theater, casting the audience as the protagonist and providing a unique experience for each and every participant.

For more information please visit the Covernomics website.