Welcome to Urban Angel

The Arts can convey powerful messages, promote change and celebrate achievement.  We are a voluntary arts organization working predominately with performance, but also encompassing other art forms such as dance, animation, film and digital technologies and we passionately believe in the inherent empowering effects of our work.

cameraWe believe that the Arts and the skills and experiences they provide can open doorways for people to progress into further education or employment, or simply encourage people to explore their world and expand their horizons.

Anyone can get involved in writing a story, script or storyboard, by suggesting ideas, submitting drawings or just providing inspiration. The technology involved in animation, desk top publishing or video editing can provide challenges for the most accomplished IT users or the most committed technophobe.

Performance and media arts offer an alternative approach to basic and key skills. literacy, maths, communication and ICT.  Any curriculum subjects can be incorporated, from citizenship and personal development to health and sport. We’ve tackled diverse issues including bullying, sexual health, car crime, disabilities, violence and drugs, as well as fun topics like horoscopes, music, films and soaps.

But in addition to the above we also believe in developing work that looks at global issues of politics, democracy and the environment and challenges the participants and the audience through thought provoking content and performance.

Urban Angel Arts now has an iPhone App.
The Urban Angel Arts App will keep you up to date with all our current, upcoming and completed projects. It also contains an extensive photo gallery, video clips and archive of past productions.- Download the App for free